Did You Know That Only 5% of field Sales Staff Possess Natural Selling Skills?

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A Glasgow based consultancy group reported that only 5% of field sales staff possess the requisite natural selling skills and half of the mediocre and poor salespeople surveyed rated themselves as outstanding or good performers.

A spokesperson for the Chartered Institute of Marketing stated that “there are always going to be naturals, but the training of a salesperson is absolutely critical.  Good quality training can override the lack of some personal skills”.

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The Solution

Psychometric Sales Training

Limelight Learning, the experts in sales training who provide a comprehensive 10 module online sales training course which combines the skilled use of psychometrics with personal support.

Some people are very sceptical about ‘psychometrics’ which can be prevalent amongst those who have not yet experienced their benefits.  However, they are being increasingly used on a global scale and organizations that fail to embrace them, are at risk of performing at sub-optimal levels.  This is because they may not attract, manage, train, retain and promote those personnel who are going to make a difference and do it cost-effectively.

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Incredible Results: The Proof Is In The Pudding

All delegates need to do, is learn how to modify their own behaviours to sell more effectively.  A lot of valuable face-to-face selling time is spent in talking to people with no influence.

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Sign up to our 10 module online sales training course today and we will send you, free-of-charge, three modules worth £110 reducing our regular price to you from £565 per person to only £455 per person plus VAT.  In this free bundle you will receive Module 6 on ‘How to handle objections’, Module 7 ‘Closing techniques’  and Module 9 ‘Getting through on the telephone’.  All of these play a vital part in developing your sales personnel.

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Course Content

  • Psychometrics: Part 1: Know Yourself: Work style behaviours

  • Psychometrics: Part 2: Know Yourself: Your ‘mental horsepower’

  • How to modify your behaviours to sell more

  • Know your stuff and stay on top

  • How to recognize different customer types and sell to them

  • How to handle objections

  • Closing techniques

  • How to produce an effective sales presentation

  • Getting through on the telephone

  • The art of negotiation

  • 1 Day reinforcement & refresher course (optional)

Psychometrics. How will it help?

Measurement In.
Guess Work Out!

The first is to put measurement in and take guesswork out with each delegate. We do this by assessment of their behavioural strengths, possible limitations, where training may enhance performance, what type of selling they are best suited to and a whole lot more.  We also test their ‘mental horsepower’ to see if they have enough, not enough or too much of it for the job in hand – this will determine if you have a round peg in a round hole and assist the delegate with their career development.

Sales Presentations Tailored Specifically

Secondly, you may or may not be aware of it, but for your organization to be more successful through increasing sales, different types of buyers need sales presentations tailored specifically to their behavioural preferences to get their attention and engagement. We train your delegates how to identify the type of person they are presenting to and how to modify their approach as a result of this to raise their performance levels.

Raising self-awareness enhances the ability to sell more effectively.

A Degree of Awareness

A degree of maturity is required to face up to one’s limitations.  However, some limitations can be removed or at least minimised through training and others are less susceptible to change.

Limelight Learning reveals which behaviours can be modified through training and how to do it. The point of increasing one’s self-awareness is that exposing and facing up to one’s limitations will lead to enhanced performance through recognizing the need for relevant training.  This leads to greater success which in turn leads to personal fulfilment, more recognition by others, probably increased earnings and reduced rates of attrition.  Profits rise and the working environment becomes an even better place to be.

Personalised Support

We give personalised support through each delegate having access to us by email with any specifics related to selling that are of concern to them and the full weight of our expertise is at their disposal.

The course applies to any person involved in selling a product or service whether this is face-to-face, by telesales, on the floor of a retail shop or any other.  To ensure that they continue to earn while they learn, the course can be studied in the delegate’s own time or at any time.  Typically, it will take up to a maximum of 3 months to complete as delegates are advised to implement the lessons of each module gradually as arising.

Is it right for your company?

If you are someone who has influence over decisions concerning the training of sales personnel, are you confident that:

  • All your sales people are above a minimum level of acceptable performance?

  • You have never made a mistake in recruiting someone who did not perform?

  • All the training needed is carried out cost-effectively?

  • A new approach to training and development would make no difference?

After this course, delegates will be able to satisfy with confidence the 4 fundamental demands of any buyer which are:

  • Why should I buy your product or service?

  • How are you different from anyone else?

  • What is the driver that will compel me to change suppliers?

  • What measurable value will you bring to me?

Our Sales Training: Has No Limits.

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Some people are very sceptical about ‘psychometrics’ which can be prevalent amongst those who have not yet experienced their benefits. However, they are being increasingly used on a global scale and organizations that fail to embrace them, are at risk of performing at sub-optimal levels. This is because they may not attract, manage, train, retain and promote those personnel who are going to make a difference and do it cost-effectively.

“WOW – I don’t really know what to say. This is the Best Training I have ever done.”

WOW – I dont really know what else to say. This is the Best sale training I have ever done. Thank you so much for showing me how to improve my sales, WOW- AMAZING!” – Issy Wiggins Wheres Your Website

“Incredibly insighful and powerful sales training.”

Incredibly insighful and powerful sales training unlike anything I had encountered before. The psychometric reports were key to it all, demonstrating my strengths and limitations and providing me with valuable feedback that I could implement to ensure my business was primed to be in pole position. – Rachel Tombs Links2Leads

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